Who’s behind Micromundo?

Micromundo are Jimi and Ana. Jimi studied Landscape Architecture at Edinburgh College of Art (2008); Ana studied Industrial Design at Escola Elisava in Barcelona (2001).

Together, we make a multidisciplinary team, capable of both the design fase (including 2D and 3D tools if necessary) and the production fase of every piece, here in our workshop in Barcelona. We’re in permanent evolution, and even though we will alway stick to noble materials from sustainable sources when possible, we also consider important to allow place for R&D so we can find original solutions as well.

We make pieces that resonate with the way we are and see the world around us, and they will most likely be unique.

Our trajectory is very eclectic and varied, which allows us to give a very personal touch to every design.

Why “Micromundo”

We have had a wide variety of jobs, and have lived in many different places, such as Scotland, England, Spain, the States, Japan and Perú.

One of the summers we worked in Scotland, we used to go to the little beaches on the east coast. We absolutely loved taking photos of the gorgeous rocks and the sea. We found out that we both enjoyed looking at and mesmerizing over the little pools that form between the rocks, full of life, all different, and we started taking photos of all of them, and called them micromundos (microworlds). We discovered that that scale of things resonated with us and made us happy.

When we started this adventure together, we knew that that was going to be the soul of our project: designing objects that hold life, full of details.

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