Faceted sculpture with seven pockets, made of an mdf skeleton and an okume veneering.

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We consider 7bocas a wooden sculpture, since it is a unique object that was almost entirely made by hand. The embryo of 7bocas was a quick pen sketch of a shape; a sort of a luxury apartment for succulent plants. I had that sketch turning in my head for months, until we decided to give it volume with a 3D program. Eventually, We found an appropiate moment to give it measurements and start making it in the workshop.
The process was a complete challenge as it exceeded our technical capability by far, but not our stuborness.
So, after many cuts with the circular saw, the mitre saw and even the jigsaw, and many failed joints, we had a more or less accurate and solid skeleton. The next fase had to be veneering it. Just by chance, months before we had found this batch of very singular plywood, with very marked and beautiful patterns that is not what cabinet-makers would look for. But we bought everything the shop had, and used it as skin for 7bocas.
Making the joints for every face so they coincided and looked perfect was a mission, but we’re proud of the final resoult. The last fase was the varnishing, three coats. We used our usual, clear and sustainable varnish, and the paint inside is antidampness.

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Dimensions 55 × 50 × 184 cm