Niwa-Y. Where beauty grows out of the plant pot.

Niwa-Y is one of our most recent projects, and it’s almost completed its prototyping process, so it should be possible to place orders for the first units soon. We’ll publish more details…

Niwa-Y is a vertical garden, a sustainable, organic skin to cover your walls. The hexagon functions as the nuclear unit, and the whole created by combining them is sculptural. With Niwa-Y the container is just as much the protagonist as its contents.

It consists of two parts: the hexagonal planter (hex-pot) and the flat hexagonal pieces (hex-flat). The planter is made of black clay: the best material for plants, resistant, sustainable and timeless. The exterior finish is veneered wood, treated with an excellent quality solid wax oil. The rear of the planter is protected by a thin layer of cork to separate it from the wall. And that’s it, no sensors or lights or anything else. We’ve gone for a minimalist design, in an attempt to reduce the production footprint of the piece as much as possible. We imagine that someone who’s crazy about plants will have some idea how to look after them!

The product is provided with all the hardware necessary to mount it, though in the case of the hex-flat it’s not strictly necessary to drill anything to mount them, as they are very light. The hex-pot, however, is heavier and we include a double-threaded bolt. One end has a point like a conventional screw and is threaded so it can be fitted into a hole drilled in the wall and prepared with a rawl plug, and the part of the shank which protrudes from the wall is used to slide the hex-pot over. Once mounted, the nut can be screwed on to prevent the pot from coming off the shank. It is designed like this so that it can be easily removed and watered elsewhere, allowed to drain and then be put back in place. For plants which require little water, they can be watered on the wall, as there is a felt layer which covers the drainage holes and retains small quantities of water.

Niwa-Y is sculptural because of its artisanal character, which means every piece is a unique expression of wood grain and textures. 

It is organic because it grows and organises itself depending on the number and type of hexagonal pieces you choose, and how you distribute them.
It is sustainable because it’s made from materials which can either be recycled or reused.

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