Complementos de mueble de cocina.

Kitchen unit and extras

Kitchen unit and extras

We’ve decided to update this post because there are a few extra parts we’d like to include. This unit was built entirely from off-cuts from the worktop we installed in this kitchen restoration, and the process we used was so efficient in the end that we managed to create three more items as well: a kitchen roll holder, a worktop plinth and a couple of small shelves!

A client asked us about displaying objects made of different types of wood in the same furniture unit. We’re not pro minimal but we have to say that we’re not fans of too much texture and grain mixing unless it’s done very intentionally … but of course every case is unique and ultimately everyone’s taste is different. The question was about a bespoke kitchen unit that we had made for them months ago out of laminated walnut. They wanted to give their kitchen one last detail with this piece by using it to put their dried goods on show and reveal their beauty. Now, instead of having it all stored in the cupboard any which way it’s out in full view. They had some glass jars with cork lids and some made from other woods, and to be honest, in our opinion they clashed a bit with the furniture. In then end they settled on metallic jar lids and started to choose what to put in them. They also painted the background inside the unit and a little rectangle at the side with blackboard paint. It was easily done and added an elegant touch. In the end, the whole thing looks very beautiful with all the bits and pieces out in glass jars and the unit looks very slick with the natural oil treatment. What do you think?

Kitchen roll holder

This piece is bolted directly underneath of the kitchen cupboards, and it works very well. When you’re changing the roll the bar rests within the holder.


We thought it would be practical to have a small plinth to set various types of oil and other condiments on, to make it easier to move them all out of the way for cleaning the worktop. It’s also in-keeping with our philosophy, that everything should have its place!


Small shelves

There was little space left over in the kitchen for ornamental purposes, so these two small shelves provide a niche for cut or dried flowers.

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