escultura de madera 7bocas en paisaje viñas. 7bocas wooden sculpture on a vineyard background.
/ / Siete Bocas in La Rioja Alavesa!

Siete Bocas in La Rioja Alavesa!

This Easter we went up to Laguardia, in La Rioja Alavesa, with our very own Siete Bocas, and we took it all around the village so it could see a bit of the world.

In the Collao park with the tower in the background.

With the Cordillera de Cantabria in the background.


In front of the castle, at the end of its route around the Collao park.




Lost in an alley in the village..

Showing off in the main square, en route to la Casa Garcetas (an exhibition space in the village) where it will form part of a Micromundo expo for the month of May.


Admiring the views from the viewpoint!

No visit to the village would be complete without seeing the vines! Here it is in the lower part of the village, en route to el Prao, part of the unique ecosystem of lakes in the area. 

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