Emma Whispersred holding our 7bocas Junior plant pot

Hello YouTube!!

We are thrilled to announce that Emma WhispersRed was kind enough to feature some of our pieces in her latest video! She explains the whole story of why she decided to make a video like this at the beginning. Our pieces appear from minute 32 and she spends 10 minutes showing them! Thanks for this Emma!! The whole adventure really started 5 years ago, when I started looking for videos that relaxed me at night, and jumped from nail tutorials to make up tutorials, or painting lessons, until I came across this amazing community that is ASMR. I do experience it, from time to time, so for me it was a gift and also a surprise to see that I wasn’t alone and that those tingles were actually a thing shared by millions. In my case, Quietexperiment, SweetseductiveASMR, Trixywhispers, ChelseaMorganWhispers, and EmmaWhispersRed were the first ones that I started to follow. Well, I don’t follow many more, just a few others. Emma has never asked for donations nor has a Patreon account that I am aware of, so I decided to pay her for aaaaall the amazing relaxing and tingly moments that she’s given me over the years with some of our work. And not only did she accept the gift, but she also included them in a video! XD  

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