Plants make us happy

We’re sure almost everybody agrees, at this stage, that plants make your life better. There’s plenty of research done on the topic, with the focus set either on natural greenery, human designed greenery or just little concentrations of plants around the house. This is just a little extract from a very interesting book, here’s the link:


Extract 1: “Many epidemiological studies have demonstrated various positive health effects of urban green spaces, including reduced depression and improved mental health, reduced cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, improved pregnancy outcomes and reduced rates of obesity and diabetes (reviewed by WHO Regional Office for Europe 2016)”


Extract 2, obvious but nonetheless crucial: “It is important to note that disadvantaged population groups often live in neighbourhoods with reduced availability of green space. Studies have shown that socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals tend to benefit the most from improved access to urban greenery (Allen and Balfour 2014).”


Don’t get us started on this one though. It is a global problem that we’re suffering here as well in Barcelona of course. Witnesses to how the regeneration of entire neighbourhoods is only helping honest apartment owners, but also speculation, where tenants see, powerless, how their rents are pumped up by the rate of 200€, 300€ and some even 500€, thus forced to look for a home elsewhere further away.


There’s too much to say about this matter for us to summarize it here in a blog post. All in all, green makes your life better and happier, and if you’re poor and landless/gardenless, you can always find ways to squeeze a plant here and there in your home. Their generous oxygen production, their beauty, the fact that our hearts, lungs, brains and self-esteem benefit just for the fact of taking care of them… It’s all priceless. Just find the appropriate ones for the conditions in your flat and don’t forget about them!


Here are some examples of normal homes, not designer lofts for magazines, of how a plant can brighten a cold and boring corner or make a small space truly exuberant, and remember, you can always hang them if you don’t have enough space.

This is an example of a 60 m2 flat with a tiny inner gallery (1st floor on a 5 floor building) that was a bit of a mess and that has not much natural light. The owners were kind of dishartened about it and didn’t know what to do. On our advice, they just removed the poles, ladder, etc, and installed a wicker screen to cover the ugly fence that separates with the neighbour. That was 40€. Then they tied natural rope from side to side, and bought just 5 pothos and hung them there. Now, from the kitchen window, the view has changed drastically, and everytime they go into the kitchen they see something green and clean. As they told us, makes them be fonder of the tiny space and to take better care of their whole flat.


Again, another very small flat with a very small living room. After the move, this monstera didn’t fit anywhere, so the clients decided to buy one of our pieces and just turn their beloved plant into the queen of the space. They say the change is being though because it was used to much more light, but it’s adapting. You can do it, Monstera!

monstera sobre pieza


Here: a bigger and lighter living room, but full of useless furniture that was taking up all the space. The owner decided to turn it into a sort of inner garden for cacti and suculents. They tell us they’re super happy there 🙂


Please, send us more photos of examples of how a plant has changed the perception you have of a given space/corner in your home. We’d love to hear more stories about it!

Oh, if your flat doesn’t have a lot of natural light, here is some advice :

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