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Our impression of CasaDecor 2018

To start with, neither of us had ever attended an edition of CasaDecor before this year. Coming from landscape architecture and industrial design backgrounds, we’ve focused on other types of events over the years. CasaDecor was actually an opportunity to visit Madrid again; it’s a city we like but Jimi hardly knew it.

There were many positive aspects to the expo, but in general we left quite disappointed. We had imagined something bigger in scale, and much more varied. Perhaps an interior designer would go with a different perspective and analyse every finish and technical solution, and take much more away from it than we did.  

We saw many interesting proposals, a great deal of natural stone in some, small wood tiles on floors and walls in another. Where these materials came from, and under what conditions they were extracted, was unclear. As far as we know, correct us if we’re wrong, CasaDecor doesn’t demand any specific standards of sustainability with regards to materials or labour. If that is the case it’s absurb, as it’s not like we’ve got unlimited resources to squander. 

Between overdoses of brass, gold finishes, brass and white marble, more gold finish with white marble, we discovered some pearls which cheered us up. We didn’t get good photos so we’ve added some links:

Zaguán de un jardín nazarí, by Ignacio Carrillo. Relaxing and harmonious. 

zaguan jardin nazarí

– Raul del Sol and his illustrations on wood didn’t go unnoticed. A hit of positive inspiration. 

Drtalle de Raul del Sol en Casa Decor 2017

– The Dica space, designed by ACANA interiorismo, which was like a warm winter evening by the fireplace with a good sci-fi book and a labrador at your feet, after being out in the freezing cold chopping wood. 

Jimi en espacio Dica, Casa Decor 2017

– The Lago space, with its balanced and elegant solutions.

detalle estantería Espacio Lago

– We were met with feelings of contradiction and attraction in the Westwing space by Jean Porsche. An incredible cocktail of colours and textures which transport you to a world of light. We felt something similar in e Virginia Gasch’s space.

Mesa espacio West WIng by Jean Porsche en Casa Decor 2017
Detalle lámparas espacio Virginia Gasch Casa Decor 2017

– We were struck by this delicate floral drawing on one of the walls, but unfortunately didn’t see the name of the artist. 

dibujo floral Casa Decor 2017

– The Sicis space, not necessarily all of its component parts, but as a whole. Above all, we had to acknowledge the sheer amount of work which had gone into it, because even without much of an idea about interior design it would jump out at you. 

detalle espacio Sicis Casa Decor 2017

– Of course, Desert City‘s offering, the rooftop patio! As a whole it was a very attractive space. We loved the hexagonal ceramic elements on the wall, with mosses interspersed between them. Additionally, it took us by surprise because we’ve been developing something a bit similar for months, albeit for interior applications. The esthetic was fantastic! At a practical level we’d be curious to see how durable these mosses would be in the longer term, given how delicate they are. Xeropaisajismo have surely taken care of it, as they are dry garden specialists. Bravo for this proposal! 

en la azotea de Casa Decor 2017
Desert City
vista azotea Desert City

No doubt we’ve missed something out…

What was missing for us? More evidently sustainable wood, more soul, fewer trends, less plastic and more nature. 

Maybe we’re ingenuous, who knows. 

Ah, we also liked this sculpture by Silka.

escultura auditorio Casa Decor

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