Time for marketing… ugh

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but here in Barcelona they’re constantly talking about how cool being an entrepreneur is. The truth is… it’s not that cool at all. At least if you want to set up something other than a tech start-up, which requires more than an internet connection and a computer. When you need tools, physical tools I mean, materials, a proper unit set up with all the legal and safety features… and on top of that, a mini photo studio, cameras, lenses, a computer, internet connection, photo editing software, cad software, etc…. well it all turns out a bit more complicated.

There is a municipal organism that offers a lot of useful information, courses, programs, all for free. And that’s already a big help. But there aren’t any grants or handouts at all. If you need money, you have to get a job doing whatever while you try to get your “start-up” visible and running. Or ask for funding, which over our dead body we’ll do. Then, depending on the field, you’ll need 4 months, or 2 years until you can actually make a living out of it and forget about the loses.

We also have to bear in mind that Barcelona is being massively gentrified, so it is not that easy to find affordable accomodation. Meaning that thousands of citicens are being forced to leave the city, where all the most varied and better services and providers -generally talking- are, added to the widest range of potential customers. All in all a not-so-cool endeavour. We’re right at that stage now. Looking for ways to promote our business with the scarce resources that we have at our disposal, and without becoming suckers at the same time, which is important to us as well. Difficult balance.

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